Fred L.: Track Plan #2

Name/Stichwort Fred L.: Track Plan #2
Maßstab 1:87 (H0)
Spur Regelspur
Größe 5,1 qm bis 10,0 qm
Anlagenform Regal-/Rundum-Anlage
Anlagenmerkmale Nebenstrecke|Durchgangsbahnhof|Bahnbetriebswerk|Industrie-Gleisanschluss
Anlagenthema Dieser Plan ist der zweiter einer Folge von Plänen die Fred Lux für einen Raum von ca. 3 x 3 Meter entworfen hat. Er kommentiert diesen Plan so:

"Track plan #2 provided for continuous operation on a mainline oval. A removable bridge was envisioned across the access point.. Although the mainline is draw as a single track, it could very easily be a double track, simulating heavy traffic. Two agricultural communities were served by the mainline. A small sorting yard and engine facilities were provided. It took at least one trip around the mainline from the sorting yard to reach the second yard and interchange. Track in green represented a small industrial shortline, such as the Illinois Terminal, with many different industries. One, or even two, locomotives could be busy at work on the short line / industrial spur, while two more trains could be operating on the main line. A fifth locomotive could be making up or breaking down trains in either of the yards. Ruling radius on the mainline is 19 inches. Ruling radius on the spur is 11 inches. The track plan met all of the criteria I listed above except for the scenery options. I felt that there was not enough 'open' space to allow for necessary scenery to make the layout visually interesting."

Anmerkungen zum Plan
Urheber/Quelle Fred Lux
Link http://www.fredlux.com/lux/nscale/trackplan.html
Datum 05.09.2009

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