Richard I.: Clemens Landing

Name/Stichwort Richard I.: Clemens Landing
Maßstab 1:160 (N)
Spur Regelspur
Größe 1,1 bis 2,0 qm
Anlagenform Rechteck
Anlagenmerkmale Nebenstrecke|Werksbahn/Feldbahn|Durchgangsbahnhof|Industrie-Gleisanschluss

Clemens_001.jpgHafen-Szenerie im Staat Mississippi im Jahr 1858.


O-Ton vom Richard Isley: This layout represents Clemens Landing, in the state of Mississippi as it appeared in 1858.
The landing was the loading place for the Mississippi river boats at the plantation of the Clemens family. The plantation was founded by Colonel James Assherton Clemens, and was the richest on that part of the Mississippi, south of Memphis. The river was for fifty odd years the only means of communication. The arrival in the mid 1850s of the Memphis & Southern Railroad, followed by the Centrail Railroad of Mississipi, led to the growth of a settlement at the landing place.
Clemens_002.jpgA Railroad depot, tavern, boarding house, general store and other buildings created a small community separate from the Clemens plantation. River boats still called at the landing and interchanged with railroads.

Clemens Landing as it appeared in 1858 was at its economic height, before the Civil War destroyed the economy of the "old South".

Fotos von Steve Flint, Continental Modeller


Anmerkungen zum Plan Schön gestaltetes geschlossenes Anlagenmotiv auf 2,45 x 0,76 Meter
Urheber/Quelle Richard Isley
Link http://www.ardenrail.co.uk/arphotoalb08.htm
Datum 27.08.2009

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