2mm Scale Ass.: 70k Coley Park

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Name/Stichwort 2mm Scale Ass.: 70k Coley Park
Maßstab 1:160 (N)
Spur Regelspur
Größe 2,1 bis 3,0 qm
Anlagenform Rechteck
Anlagenmerkmale Bahnbetriebswerk|Industrie-Gleisanschluss

Vorweg: Spur N ist nicht ganz korrekt – es handelt sich um ein Modell der englische 2 mm Scale Association. Das sind Finescale-Anlagen im Maßstab ca. 1:152 auf 9,42-mm-Gleis. Um sich von der Planung inspirieren zu lassen, ist das aber eher nebensächlich.

Die Anlage zeigt auf ca. 3,00 x 0,65 Meter ein Motiv aus den 60er bis 80er Jahren mit kleinen Industrieanlagen, einer Brauerei sowie einem kleinen Kopfbahnhof und Lokbehandliungsanlagen.


Beschreibung auf der 2 mm Scale Association Website:

"Coley is an area of Reading that had a goods yard (Central Goods) from May 1908 until closure in July 1983. It was connected to the Reading-Basingstoke and Berks & Hants lines by the Coley Branch line at Southcote Junction, one mile to the south of Reading West Station, where these two lines diverge.

On the up side of the Great Western main line, to the west of Reading, there are two sets of sidings, Scours Lane and Reading West Sidings.

The layout supposes that the area developed a small industrial site, with a factory (Farnley's Holy Brook Works) and a small brewery (Northfriars Ales & Stouts). In order to gain a stronger foothold in the Reading area, and provide a railhead for these companies, the London & South Western Railway built Holy Brook Sidings and goods shed, and Coley Park Station, a small terminus for the companies' workers and the local residents. Later on, the Esso Petroleum Company constructed an oil storage facility on the site. The Coley Branch line served these, with regular services from both Basingstoke and Reading. Soon after, the LSWR decided that an engine shed was required to service their locomotives employed on cross-country workings, as the GWR could not accommodate them at their Reading shed.

After nationalisation, Coley Park was allocated the shed code "70K" as it came under the jurisdiction of Nine Elms Motive Power Depot (70A), the main shed for the area. About this time, Coley Park began to see an increase in "foreign" locomotives visiting the depot from the Midland and Eastern regions. These would have been from inter-regional freight workings to Scours Lane and Reading West sidings, and cross-country passenger train services. The passenger service to Coley Park from the early 1960s was provided by Southern Region 2H and 3H "Hampshire" and "Berkshire" diesel-electric multiple units, and Class 121 single-car units with driving trailers from the Western Region. Class 33 and 73 powered TC units also made appearances at Coley Park.

Over the years as steam gave way to diesel, with the coaling stage becoming redundant, an oil storage facility and diesel fuelling points were built. After years of neglect, the engine shed was finally rebuilt in 1970. Due to the rise of the preservation movement, however, the coaling stage enjoys a new lease of life servicing steam locomotives used for main line running."


Anmerkungen zum Plan
Urheber/Quelle 2 mm Scale Association
Link http://www.2mm.org.uk/layouts/70Kcoleypark/index.htm
Datum 05.09.2009

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