Jim Watt: Connerburn

Name/Stichwort Jim Watt: Connerburn
Maßstab 1:160 (N)
Spur Regelspur
Größe 2,1 bis 3,0 qm
Anlagenform L-Form
Anlagenmerkmale Nebenstrecke|Endbahnhof

Vorweg: Spur N ist nicht ganz korrekt – es handelt sich um ein Modell der englische 2 mm Scale Association. Das sind Finescale-Anlagen im Maßstab ca. 1:152 auf 9,42-mm-Gleis. Um sich von der Planung inspirieren zu lassen, ist das aber eher nebensächlich.

Sehr ungewöhnliches Anlagenkonzept: am rechten Schenkel des L ist ein 762-mm-langer Zugspeicher in Form einer Drehscheibe angebracht. Auf der Website sind einige schöne Fotos der Anlage.


Beschreibung auf der 2 mm Scale Association Website:

"The scenery is modelled to suggest late spring (say mid-May), and so there are chestnut trees in blossom, a field of corn just coming through the surface, and a similar field of potatoes. A recent storm has felled a tree and brought some debris down the Conner burn.

The Fiction: CONNERBURN is a village in the tiny county of Lambieshire, which is sandwiched between the counties of Lanarkshire and Peeblesshire in the southern uplands of Scotland.

When the Caledonian Railway was building its main line from England to Glasgow and Edinburgh, the population of Strathlambie, the County Town, were much aggrieved at the railway company's refusal to provide a branch connecting them with the line. A group of local businessmen set about raising the capital to construct their own branch line. In order to assist the passage of their bill through Parliament, they sought the patronage of Lord Connerburn of that Ilk, who owned almost half the county and whose eldest son was the local M.P.

His Lordship would only agree to support the venture on condition that the line was continued to the village of Connerburn, close by his estates. The promoters were only too happy to comply with this request when His Lordship informed them that recent geological studies had indicated the presence of considerable coal reserves in the hills beyond the village."


Anmerkungen zum Plan
Urheber/Quelle Jim Watt, 2 mm Scale Association
Link http://www.2mm.org.uk/layouts/connerburn/
Datum 05.09.2009

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